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Bitter sweet, quirky, comedy - a wayward, wandering guy returns to rural Ireland to reconnect with his ex and the daughter he abandoned 12 years ago, to introduce his now teenage daughter to his dying father. He causes disaster and chaos wherever he goes, but in the sweetest, well intentioned way! A real indie gem from director Niall Heery, starring the delightful Maisie Williams, described as "the most promising talent to come out of Game of Thrones." (Ireland)

Winnie Mandela

When Nelson Mandela was incarcerated his wife Winnie assumed his mantle, becoming known as the mother of South Africa. A new biopic about this remarkable woman, played by Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson (Dreamgirls), traces her rural roots through to her meeting Mandela (a regal Terrence Howard) to their realization that they are kindred spirits, committed to the struggle against apartheid laws. Hudson and Howard breathe life into this ultimate power couple. (South Africa)


This sweet- natured rom com looks at what happens when an ex suddenly pops back into your life. At Dublin airport, a distraught woman (Mad Men’s Jessica Pare) appears at a counter pleading for a flight home - although she is only on standby. The clerk (Brian Gleeson, son of the great Brendon Gleeson) happens to be a former love. They wind up roaming the streets of Dublin. Can one eventful night change their lives forever? Pare’s performance will make you forget her as Don Draper’s wife. (Irish)

Charlie’s Country

Aboriginal elder Charlie (David Gulpilil) with modern community life and heads off into the bush to try living like his ancestors. After things don't go well, Charlie assesses his life to find new ways to cope. Gulpilil, ( Rabbit- Proof Fence, Crocodile Dundee, Walkabout ) won Best Actor award at the 2014 Cannes Festival. He co-wrote the film with producer Rolf De Heer to create this delightful social drama with moments of great humor. (Australia)

My Accomplice

This special rom com, set among the piers and promenades of Brighton, focuses on the relationship between a good-natured young Scot, working as a caretaker for adults with special needs, and an artistically-inclined immigrant from East Germany, working at a local bakery. Just as their friendship is about to turn into something more, both have their reasons for stalling. Irresistible performances from Alexandra Kalweit and rising Scottish actor Stuart Martin (a cross between James McAvoy and Hugh Jackman), make this unassuming romance a winner. With musical interludes from the hottest Brighton bands. (UK)

Jimmy’s Hall

Set during the tumultuous aftermath of Ireland’s 1922 Civil War, this is the true story of the charismatic Irish Communist leader Jimmy Gralton, who dared to build a community hall in County Leitrim. The Catholic Church and political leaders were appalled that it was used for dancing and generally having fun. The hall’s fate comes down to a duel between Gralton and a backward thinking parish priest. This new work from Mostly British favorite director Ken Loach ("Looking for Eric") has been compared to "The Quiet Man," "Reds" and Loach’s own Cannes prize winner "The Wind That Shakes the Barley. " (Ireland)

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